Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making Resin Embellishments

Hi, it’s Gael here today and I’ve been having fun making my own resin embellishments.  I’d like to show you what you need and how I make my resin embellishments.
You will need the following - 2 part resin (I use the one from the local “Spotlight” store), some moulds,  gloves,  a small disposable plastic container and a stick for stirring.

NOTE: Follow the instructions on the resin as it may vary depending on the brand you are using. 
For the brand I use I pour equal parts (for example - one cap full) of the Part A Hardener and Part B Resin into the plastic container and stirred for at least 2 minutes using the wooden stick.  
It’s a bit hard to see in the photo below but you do get air bubbles at this stage. 

There are a number of mediums you can use to colour the resin, in this example I used white acrylic paint.  After adding the paint I stirred with the wooden stick until well mixed. 

At this stage it’s best to let the resin sit for a minute or two as this reduces the air bubbles.
Then pour the resin into your moulds.

I like to leave the moulds for about 24 hours to ensure the resin is set hard.
When you come back the next day just flex the mould and the resin embellishment should easily come out.

As you can see it’s not hard it just requires a few moulds and the resin and you’re ready to go. 
Thanks for looking and I hope you try making resin embellishment.  It’s a lot of fun!!


  1. Great help! Thanks for the info. I'm linking your post to an article re frames for Aust. Simply Cards.