Monday, January 14, 2013

Sew Easy Circle

Hi, Marlene here, slogging through another Upper MIchigan winter.  It's a good time to scrap!  When I first became aware of the tool to make We R Memory Keeper's Sew Easy heads create circles, I was very excited.    A tool that does something fun and uses accessories that I already have in a new and exciting way is right up my alley.
Here is a link for a video demo (I am not endorsing the website, but the video clearly shows how the tool works  The jig works very well, but took a little bit of practice to get the right pressure adjustment.  It requires a fair amount of pressure, I think more than using the original handle with the heads.  Be sure not to overlap the indentations, they will NOT line up and you'll end up with extra holes.  The measurement for the size of the circle goes from the edge of the holder farest from the knob.  Hold the knob without applying any pressure while practicing your circle and you can measure how much paper you will need for the circle to be complete.  For me the price and concept were just right, I really like this product.
Here is a photo of the product and how I used it for my design.
This is a picture of the completed page.  

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