Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Hats

Hi, it’s Gael here today and I thought I’d share with you a fun tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I’m afraid I’m  addicted to Pinterest, there are so many great ideas for not only scrapbooking but any interests you may have.  The ideas you can find are amazing, if only I had enough time to try them all. 
This tutorial caught my eye as something different for a Christmas decoration.  I also loved the idea that it is made from old cereal boxes or similar.  You can use scraps of scrapping papers and decorate using colours that will match your theme for Christmas.
They are so much fun to make and really easy too!!
These are the hats I made –

 Here is a link to the tutorial which includes the pattern pieces, it’s called “The Mad Hatter meets Christmas”
As a bonus the tutorial also includes a great way to make beaded pins. 
Thanks so much to Marilyn for such a wonderful tutorial.  It inspired me to make these cute hats and I would love to see how other people decorate them.