Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured Artist Friday - Missy Whidden

Hi everyone!  Its Sara here today to introduce you to a very talented scrapbooker Missy Whidden!  I have known Missy for about 8 months and I just love her style! She has the best attention to detail in her layouts, each layout is so unique.  One of Missy's favorite things to do is mist!  I am pretty sure you will find multiple mist colors on all of her layouts! To top that off Missy makes all her own mists!!!

Lets get to know Missy!
My name is Missy Whidden and I’m 35.  I’ve been married to Marshall for 11 years, but we’ve been together for 17.  We were college sweethearts!  We have two gorgeous little girls, Reese (4) and Paige (2).  We live in the tiny town where we both grew up, and all of our family lives here, too.  I’m a former English teacher and am now a stay-at-home mom.  When I’m not scrapping, I teach spinning classes at our local YMCA.  I love working out and helping people reach their fitness goals.  I also love to read and play with our girls.  I fell in love with scrapbooking five years ago when I was first pregnant.  My mother-in-law asked me to help her make a baby book for my husband, and I was instantly hooked!  My work has definitely evolved over the years and I’ve discovered so many cool things!  I love bright colors, patterned paper, homemade embellishments & glimmer mists, inks & stitching.  I love working with sketches.  I’m not afraid to try new techniques, and that makes it hard for me to define my “style.”  My main goal with each layout is to make sure the photos take center stage and aren’t overshadowed by too much.

Here is some examples of Missy's 'Misting Majic' and she has lot of great ideas to share about each layout!

To create the large, drippy circles, I first took a plastic cup and cut the bottom end out.  I placed the larger end onto the paper and sprayed my mist heavily into the smaller end of the cup.  Once the circle is covered in mist, I removed the cup.  To make it drip, I help up my paper and sprayed the mist really close onto the circle.  You can do this without the dripping, or make it as light or dark as you want!  After the circles were dry, I began to assemble my pictures, paper and flowers.  I love creating background like this because each one will be different, and you can customize the colors!

For this background, I used an old empty package of pop dots!  Once they’re all used up, you have this square of empty circles, so why not use it for a mask?  I just placed it at various spots on my paper and misted through the holes.  I also just spritzed here and there…I didn’t want it to look uniform at all.  I knew I wanted a grungy look for this layout since it was about my daughter looking like she’d just gotten into fight…haha!  I used lots of black ink to smudge it up.  I matched my background circles with some patterned paper with circles.

I created this layout for a blog challenge that required us to use a color palette of red, yellow and green.  Typically I wouldn’t use those colors together, so I decided to create a watercolor-type background using those three colors.  I first cut out a large square from cardstock to use as a mask.  I placed that over my white cardstock so only the square was visible.  I misted my three colors all over the open square and then took a bottle of water and sprayed it lightly, causing the colors to blend.  I really love how it turned out…and I would never have found this in a store.  I love how mists allow you to create a one-of-a-kind design!  Once my square was done, I was able to embellish the page with small 2x2 squares of matching patterned paper.  I also made two accordion flowers that I topped with buttons.

To find out more about Missy and she her work visit her Blog!


  1. I love her layouts and projects, thanks for sharing her ideas!!

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  3. Fabulous tips! Thanks Missy!!!

  4. Thank you for featuring me! It is quite an honor :)

  5. Oooh I want to mist like that when I grow up! Very inspirational pages Missy!