Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Designer Showcase: Valentine's Day Cards

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday :) Today I am sharing some fabulous Valentine's Day card ideas with you all by the contributors!  Are you creating your own card for your sweetheart, if so check out these cards for some great ideas!

Sara created this neat cards for V-day! They are such a clever way to tell someone you love them! Take a peek at these!

Cathy created a bunch of cute ideas to share! Check out how unique and fun each card is! These are such great ideas for V-day cards....

Heather created these totally cute cards! Check out how cute the pug card it :) :)

Lastly, Nancy is sharing a couple of sweet cards for her sweetie! I love the colors she used on each.

I hope you have enjoyed these fabulous cards and they jumpstart your ideas!


  1. oh those are so fantastic - the recipients will love them!

  2. These are just too cute girls! And so creative! Thanks for sharing them with us. =0)