Monday, January 3, 2011

Pam's Scrapbook Time Saving Tips

I love to have things which save me time when I scrapbooking. I don't have that many, but those that I do have save me A LOT of time when it comes to creating a project. I am going to share those with you :)

1. My first time saving tip is having my favorite fonts right at my finger tips. Let's face it, when we are searching for fonts, we often miss our favorites when scrolling through the list on the computer. I like to have them right there on paper (it is easier for my to look at) and pick my font. I typed a list of my favorite fonts in their exact font type and printed it out for me to reference. I still use my other fonts, but tend to use these favorites! Here is what I check out each time I print.

2. Next time saving tip is using The Print Shop to print out my photos. Even though I do use Photoshop Elements to edit my photos, I do all of my printing in The Print Shop! Why? Because I don't waste any printing paper (usually), I can see my printing area at 100% with a dotted border and this is sooo easy to use. For me using this program is a time saver! You can print in Elements, but I find it much easier in the Print Shop. I am big on not wasting photo paper, so I try to get as many photos on there that I am using or might use in the future! Here is an example of what I talking about. I printed several sizes of photos to turn into a scrapbook page, but also am keeping a few to give away to family. Note: I have a much older version of The Print Shop, it is probably four years old.

3. To save even more time, I love my Simply Renee Clip It Up for my letter stickers! I am a total letter sticker person, so having them hanging up is sooo much easier than what I did before ... which was just look through several bags and get frustrated because it would take me forever. I love using this product so much and finding the perfect font and letter is a breeze!

4. My last time saving tip is for cutting large circles, which I do on a majority of my pages! I love to use clear big bowls. That way I can see exactly where it is going because it is clear and there are four different sizes for my to use! Oh so helpful and time saving!

Do you have time saving tips? Share them in the comment section so we can see them :)


  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I enjoy getting great time and space saving ideas like this!

  2. My favorite Time Saving Tip is to maintain and use my Scraprack. Best investment I've made. My next tip is to have what I use most often close by me. Another is I store my punches in see thru boxes. Thanks for your tips.