Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designer Showcase: LOTS of journaling

Do you like to journal on your pages? Do you ever make the journaling the focus of the page or do a lot of it in a creative way? I am going to show you some cool ways to create your scrapbook pages with lots of journaling. I think you will really love these examples and the next time you have lots of journaling, give these ideas a try!

First up is Cathy! She shares with us two COOL ways to do journaling. On the first page, you can see the journaling is most of the layout and tells the story of why music is important to Cathy! The second page shares lots of journaling about loving shoes and a funny story. You can see the journaling really stand in a neat way!

Next, is two amazing pages by Dolores. On her first beautiful page Dolores shares with us about her experience with shooting stars and what it means to her!  She doesn't have any photos of actual shooting stars, but the journaling tells the entire story.. so cool. On her second page, Dolores shares a life lesson in white text on brown. That also makes her powerful journaling stand out!

Sara shares a fabulous page for us with all handwritten journaling. This is cool because it always important to have some pages in your own handwriting, so consider writing out your journaling next time like Sara!

Lastly, are two cool pages by Heather! The first page displays a neat way to do lots of journaling ... add it around the edges in white pen. This really looks great and stands out so well.  On Heather's second page, she uses a lot of "white space" and journals in the white area. This is a great technique to have the focus be on your journaling!

I hope you consider these techniques the next time you have lots of journaling!!


  1. TFS. I'll put some of these into action.

  2. Beautiful layouts ladies! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.