Thursday, January 2, 2014

Scrapping Simply and Designing with Silhouette

Hi, it's Cathy here.  Happy New Year!!!! Over the past year, I've not had a lot of time for scrapping.  I've stayed creatively active. I'm still making cards and home decor, but I just didn't get much time to scrap.  Which is really disappointing to me.

I love to preserve the many memories, big and small, that my family experiences. Looking back through the scrapbooks is always so comforting and fun.  I decided that I needed to add scrapping back into my life. So I've made it a goal for this year!

But, I tend to get side-tracked from the task because I become overwhelmed. I want to record the memory, but I also want my page to be very appealing.  When I look around for inspiration, I start to turn my page into something more. More artistic. More full. More graphic. More involved..... which makes me feel more pressured! And then, I end up not getting the page made.

I read this article recently, Why I Stopped Scrapbooking by Lisa Moorefield. It made me re-think how I've been scrapping.  I don't need each page to be innovative and worthy of hanging in an art museum!  I just need the page to capture our memories.  So, I'm scaling back, I'm purging supplies, I'm getting more simple, and I'm going to scrap more!

I Got this year off to a good start by already getting a page done!  Using a photo from our New Year's Eve fun, I designed this page in the Silhouette software.  This is another thing that helps keep it simple for me. Simple shapes, easy layout, easy cutting!

We had fun using some props for photos. I made those with the Silhouette too. So I incorporated them right into the page design.

I'm not a fan of my own handwriting, so I typed out the journaling and used the print-and-cut feature to add that to my page.

Using a sketch pen, I added some simple details like the date and drawn circles.. I really like the diversity of the Silhouette Cameo tool.

After I had everything printed or cut out, I added adhesive to put it all together.  Ta-Da!  One page completed!!  May not sound like much, but, that is an accomplishment for me!

All of us at Ideas For Scrapbookers wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Fun and Creative New Year!


  1. I found going digital to be my saving grace! :) While I love the ability to feel and create, I just do not have the time! Plus, there's no huge mess to clean up! :) I do still have some of the supplies (Cricut, cardstock, etc.), but use those for crafts, kid's school projects, etc.

    1. Oh yes Tina! I don't know what I would do without digital scrapping. I mostly do this anymore. But sometimes, I just want to use glue! LOL. Even with the digital scrapping, I sometimes put too much pressure on myself to make the page aesthetically pleasing. And you're right - I love that there is nothing to clean up after digitally crafting! Keep on creating!

  2. I love the shapes that you used...I definitely go through phases of crazy scrapping frenzies and then...nothing. Off to read that article you linked to.

  3. This is a great page! I agree about scrapbooking - it shouldn't be stressful or make us feel inadequate. I hope I never get to the point where I no longer want to scrap!

  4. Merci! et bonne année à vous toutes!

  5. Awesome and fun page! I feel like I should really look into purchasing a Silhoutte!!! And I absolutely agree with you - we shouldn't think that we need to have each and every page we make a masterpiece work of art! I absolutely love this one you created!!!!