Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Hi everyone! It's Cathy here to share a little something I made my niece's baby shower. While I wanted to make something for her baby shower, I also wanted to walk through the baby aisle shopping for really cute stuff.  My kids are grown and it's fun to look at all those tiny little outfits for a change!

I also wanted the gift to be useful.  So I got out my craft supplies and made up this diaper cake for her.  Can you guess that she is having a boy?  After visiting her registry list, I saw that she had selected things with monkeys and lions on them. So I made sure to include them in both the items I picked up from the store as well as to create some cute accents for the cake.  I scored the jackpot when I found the ribbon with the monkey face on it!
The useful part to the cake is not just the diapers, bibs, socks, toys etc. The paper crafted items can also be used.  I created the 3D crib and baby carriage to be used as decor in the babies room.

The paper pieced animals can be used in the baby book or scrapbook, or even placed in frames for the walls of the babies room.

I didn't take photos of the step by step construction of the cake. But I used the basic diaper cake construction. I rolled all the diapers and secured each with a small rubber band.  I cut a piece of foam board into a circle as the base and glued lace to the edge.  I then placed a bottle of baby powder in the center and started surrounding it with diapers. The lowest level has three rings of diapers standing up encircling the bottle.  The next layer has 2 and the top layer is just one ring of diapers.

I wrapped the bottom layer with a baby blanket.  Each layer then got wrapped with the two ribbons, a large blue and the monkey face ribbon on top of that.  I tucked the bibs and socks into different layers.  Attached the paper pieced characters.  To secure the stroller and crib, I used sewing straight pins.  I tucked some pacifiers into the crib.

To top off the diaper cake, I tucked a monkey toy in the center of the top layer.  I created a card using the words Sweet Baby. I attached the card to a wooden dowel and careful inserted it behind the monkey toy, down into the center of the cake for added stability.


  1. Awesome job on this, you are very talented.

  2. that is just lovely! great work!

  3. adorable!!!!