Friday, November 20, 2009

Frame It by Heidi Sonboul!

All throughout our homes... we have photos in frames. Why do we do this? Why not just glue your photos to the wall???
A frame not only keeps your photos safe and allows us to move them around, but it also helps the photos pop off the wall and brings more attention to them! This is the reason why home designers all over the world use frame. A frame can turn a photo into a piece of beautiful art. If you have ever seen a Pottery Barn catalog, you'll notice they cover walls in frames. I think it's a fun idea. Which leads me to my layout.

As you can see, I've framed my photos. It's an easy way to make your layout pop and helps the photos standout more.

instructions for layout

1) Print and cut out the frame on patterned paper. Using a patterned paper will bring the eye right to the photos.
2) Crop your photos to a 2 1/2 X2 1/2 size. You will need 9 squares and can mix them (with patterned paper and photos).
3) Lay the photo and patterned paper squares onto a piece of cardstock... leaving a thin space between them all. This will also help frame the photos.
4) Then simply layer on the frame and mount it all on a piece of 12X12 Cardstock.
5) Add embellies and a title for fun and to finish the look.

Fun Themes to Scrap:
For my layout to match the up coming holiday, I did a Thankful layout. I listed a few things I'm thankful for during Thanksgiving.
Here is a list of fun ideas to scrap with the frame idea.

-Favorite Thanksgiving foods
-10 Things your grateful for this ThanksGiving
-The season of colors in trees and plants
-At the Thanksgiving table, have a note card for each person to write "what they are thankful for" and crop them into Squares
-New items for fall. such as Coats, sweater and boots
-Home fall decor
-Fall treats

I hope you have fun with this idea
~H Sonboul

(read her introduction here)

Thanks so much Heidi for the fabulous template and inspiring page!


  1. Fabulous lo! I love the sketch and I also notice how P.B have everything in frames. LOVE IT!

  2. This was a lot of fun to do and something totally outside of my comfort zone! Thanks for challenging me! Here's my LO using the frame (sorry for the poor quality photo... I lost natural light. I hate that it gets dark now at, like, 4:00):

  3. That template is so very neat, and I totally love your layout! Thank you so much for sharing!